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Doble Calisto T1 All-In-One Condition Monitoring System

The Calisto™ T1 encapsulates the functionality of bushings, partial discharge and Input/Output modules in a single configurable package in a cost-effective manner. It provides a clear user interface through a built-in server and manages user access, alert setting, alert management and data visualization — bringing together data from Doble and thirdparty devices. Standard communication protocols include Modbus and DNP3 with optional IEC 61850, that allow data to be moved between Calisto T1 and other applications such as SCADA.

Doble Calisto T1

Doble Calisto T1 Video.

GHMR Inc is now representing American Wire Group

AWG offers a complete line of Collection System Underground Cables in 15KV-35KV TR-XLPE/EPR, Overhead Bare Aluminum T&D Conductors (ACSR/AAAC/AAC), Industrial Power Cables, Bare Copper Conductor, Copper Clad Steel, Static Wire, Guy Wire, Aluminum Clad Steel, Substation Control Cables, Fiber Optic Cables & Hardware.

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