GHMR was formed in 1980 based in the New Orleans, LA area. GHMR has always had a strong emphasis on business planning and the execution of such resulted in dramatic growth as a sales organization in the electrical industry.

After thirty years GHMR has grown to cover ten southern states plus additional territory via Energy Reps in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming. A proven business philosophy, commitment to infrastructure investment, communication sensitivity and work ethic are the corner stones for continued growth.

To survive and prosper, we set into action an aggressive plan to grow GHMR value and differentiate our business. We have invested heavily in our infrastructure to more effectively support a sales force that covers all utility end users, specifiers and suppliers in our geography. We have grown our sales force throughout all our territory and we have structured our sales force management team in a way that reduces much of the typical manufacturer sales management needs. This provides added value that other Rep firms cannot provide.

GHMR is a Professional Sales Organization for all your Utility Industry Sales needs.