Manufacturers Represented in Louisiana Testing and Tools / Lighting

Testing and Tools

Swivels, Grips, Pulling Eyes, Manhole Tools, Duct Accessories

Doble - Relay & Breaker Test Equipment, On-line Diagnostic Systems for Transformers & Breakers, Automated Insulation Analyzer, SFRA, Partial Discharge Testing.

Manta Test Systems - All in one Relay Test Systems w/ front panel access, Panel Meter & Transducer Test Set, Portable Multi Function Power Meters

Morgan Schaffer - dissolved gas analysis (DGA) equipment, oil testing laboratory services, and data management solutions which enhance the ability to accurately monitor the health of critical power transformers.

Vanguard Instruments - products and services for transformer, circuit breaker, and protective relay testing. single and three phase transformer turns ratio meters, micro ohm meters, & winding resistance meters.

universal multi-platform software for system protection testing and database management for assisting with NERC regulatory compliance

Hotline Tools, Meters, Grounding and Hoist Equipment

VLF Hipots, AC & DC Hipots, Thumpers & Radars, Oil Dielectric Test Sets

Lincoln Hoist - Portable Web Strap Hoist

Specialty Distribution Equipment, Saf-T-Anchor & Ver-T-Lift

Portable precision single and three-phase watthour meter testers- high quality, compact, user friendly, and affordable

Utility Chemicals

Test interface solutions: FT switch replacements and test plugs for drawout relays and switchboard meters

(Specialty Vehicle Equipment) Fiberglass & HDPE Roadway Mats, Outrigger Pads, Ditch Bridges


Durable Outdoor LED lighting: AreaMax™ luminaires and OmniMax™ decorative luminaire retrofit lamps, with Photocontrol Failsafe™

T&D Concrete Pole, Ornamental Concrete Poles & Luminaires

Hydraulic Cutters and Crimpers

Aluminum & Steel Light & Decorative Poles

Composite Street Light & Decorative Poles