Manufacturers Represented in Florida

Rochester Instruments Systems - fault recorders, annunciators, transducers & load loggers

Panalarm - annunciators

Scientific Columbus - transducers, JEM meters, Ci20 meters, MAV2 meter & accuracy verifier

stainless steel & bronze pole line hardware

fibercrete trench, box & flat pads, ground sleeves & vaults

U Guard, Guy Guard, Cable Markers, Double Coil Lock Washers, Secondary Service Pedestals, RV and Temporary Power Pedestals, Cabinets, Enclosures, and various utility tools

Remote battery monitoring systems and battery chargers

Overhead distribution air break switches and switch accessories

Protection & Control Products & Services: UR, MICOM, Agile, Reason, M, SR & 8 series relays; Hardfiber System. SAS Electromechanical. Automation Products - RTU’s and Gateways. Projects – custom panels and control houses, turnkey solutions including system engineering; Digital Instrument Transformers

Industrial Communications- JunglePAX, JungleMUX multiplexers, MDS wireless radios

VLF Hipots, AC & DC Hipots, thumpers & radars, oil test sets

distribution/transmission silicone polymer insulators

wildlife mitigation devices for overhead construction

Substation standard shape, tapered tubular steel fabrication. Stairs, Railings, Platforms & Grating. Engineering and Detailing

Distribution wood equivalent Ductile Iron Poles

MV Switchgear MetalClad & Metal Enclosed, Unit Substations, Power Distribution Centers (PDCs) FVR Station Breakers

aluminum 600v secondary OH & UG, TR-XLPE primary URD, ACSR, AAC

Automatic Circuit Reclosers

pultruded fiberglass construction components, including crossarms and braces

High performance LED lighting for area, security, and streetlight applications.

Portable precision single and three-phase watthour meter testers- high quality, compact, user friendly, and affordable

Design and manufacture of tubular steel poles used in transmission, substation, distribution applications

Test interface solutions: FT switch replacements and test plugs for drawout relays and switchboard meters

Solid State Relays: Pulse, Gas & Water Meter, Repeating Dividing, Pulse Conversion, Customer Interface, Load Control & Management; Wireless Pulse Link Systems; Totalizer

Hardened intelligent video and thermal monitoring solutions for substations, underground vaults and renewable power sites.

Animal mitigation substation protection solutions utilizing a modular design fence with a mild electric shock to deter snakes, squirrels, raccoons and other climbing animals. Proven patented technology protecting over 2,500 substations in the US and Canada.

signs, labels, tags, posts, decals, pole & tower markers; custom and stock

Virginia Transformer
Georgia Transformer

Power transformers from 500 KVA up to 400 MVA, 345 kV (Core form), and Shell form up to 1400 MVA, 500KV